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“Tomo” Parisian teahouse: Franco-Japanese handicraft creations

Sunday afternoon in a Franco-Japanese teahouse in Paris. If you do not know anything about Japanese delicacies, “Tomo” is a great address to try them for the first time. Either a Dorayaki or a Wagashi, you will adore tasting each creation, YES, but also the story behind them. Let’s start from the beginning… Franco-Japanese friendship […]

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Valentine’s day : Le chocolat des Français x Regards Coupables

Collaboration between different universes I have always really enjoyed reading stories based on two collaborated brands. Collaborations are usually limited editions made for special occasions. Today, why not talk about the friendship collaboration between two French labels : Le Chocolat des Français and Regards Coupables. And that’s nothing to do with Valentine’s day, surely. The […]

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Plus82, when Seoul meets Paris

I miss Seoul everyday. So, I decided to go left bank with my best friend Camille, on a rainy Saturday, and try that new Korean coffee I heard about : Plus82. We have spent three hours, sitting and talking, but it actually seemed to be 15-minutes long. We ate “Bingsu” alongside with that very sweet […]

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