Today is groceries day🛵I usually go to the groceries every Wednesdays and try to buy the most I can for at least ten days. Since we are two at home we decide on every meals for the week to come. We love cooking and we have plenty of time.

This afternoon, we walked for an hour in our neighborhood and interestingly, there were seagulls flying around which was weird at first. It seemed we were on the seaside… It was a perfect sunny and warm day so we wanted to do something special to cut our week days (and we were actually bored of cooking and wanted something comforting). We went to have a look if our favorite pizzeria🍕was open and YES. So we bought pizzas to treat and warm ourselves up tonight…

We sat down in our courtyard to watch our favorite TV series (le Bureau des Légendes) and have diner (along with our favorite Italian Red Wine, of course). We probably stayed three hours outside to enjoy the last hours of light and the cosy and warm temperature. Drinking wine and watching TV are part of our quarantine night routine🥰

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