This morning, I went to work for 3 hours. I have to admit that I was extremely happy that I could go out home today and enjoy riding in empty Paris with my scooter. I stopped along 2 minutes to take beautiful pictures : sun was out, sky was blue, light was bright… It was amazingly stunning on the Seine river⭐️

I came home early in the afternoon and worked outside on our courtyard with Alix. We organized ourselves a setting table (we are lucky enough to have sun until 4pm) so it was perfectly nice (it almost seemed like working on holidays) ! Then, we made our favorite homemade cocktails (Honey whisky, strawberry sirup and lime) and cheered to ourselves🍸It’s the end of week four of quarantine !

Then, when it was diner time, we went to the greek caterer we have next door to buy amazing salads and appetizers🇬🇷We chose anchovies, sweet confit peppers, artichokes, zucchini balls, marinated octopus, blinis, houmous and red peppers caviar. Of course, we had diner in the courtyard, while watching our TV series. Quarantine night routine never ends🌚

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