🥂Today, is my 24th birthday🎂 First of all, I have to admit that I was really sad yesterday, before going to bed. I miss my family and friends very much since I’ve never experienced quarantine ever and being away from them that long. However, I’m lucky enough to live with my friend Alix for the past 2 years, in a big flat in Paris and I could celebrate it with her. And I’m so grateful for everything she has done for me… I really couldn’t think of a better day. Here is my 24th birthday during quarantine at home🥳

I woke up at 9am, excited and very happy actually. Even though I knew I couldn’t be with my parents and friends the day and night, we organized everything with Alix for my birthday to be even better✨We bought everything needed to celebrate namely champagne, red wine, oysters, scallops, fresh fruits, balloons, birthday decorations, candles, flowers🌷

At 11am, we had a birthday brunch. Alix and I are huge fans of brunch (and queens for organizing them btw). For today, we bought mangos🥭strawberries🍓avocados🥑fresh salmon and Italian pastries. We also bought a very delicious bread at our favorite bakery (with nuts and pistachio) and also cakes for tonight. But… first of all🍾

We popped champagne to start the day and drunk the first sips of my 24th year. My birthday officially started.

When brunch was finished, we went down our courtyard to enjoy the sunny morning☀️we had ahead, with our glass of champagne (with strawberry😋). We read magazine and took pictures. It was amazing to be outside for 3 hours. Also, I shut down my phone and didn’t reply to any of my friends and family’s messages or calls to take full advantage of my “quarantine birthday” with Alix… and sun most of all !

At around 5pm, my best friends called me in video for “apéro” and celebrate my birthday from wherever they were. Meanwhile, Alix and I made our favorite cocktail we have called “The marvelous casa cosy“🍸For the record, you will need Honey Jack Daniel’s whisky, Strawberry sirup, lime and ice. And there you go for the best birthday cocktail. Alongside with our cocktail, we ate white truffle chips (my favorite are from the brand Sal de Ibiza) and were tipsy after probably 6 glasses of cocktail each🤪

After calling my friends and family, we started to ate our divine diner. For entrée, we ate oysters🍋with my homemade shallots confit and some lemon juice. For main, I cooked scallops in a butter sauce and Alix made my favorite leeks fondue (I’m obsessed with), dressing in a white butter and creamy mustard sauce. I don’t need to mention how delicious my birthday diner was✨

For desert : my favorite cake. Saint Honoré. It was actually really difficult to find one in our neighborhood this morning. Nevertheless, we (as stubborn girls) finally got to find a beautiful and yummy one (after going to 6 different bakeries). And I was the happiest🎂

We finally ended the day by blowing my 24th candles. I made wishes for 2020 and hardly hoped the quarantine will be over very soon to see my friends and family back🥰 Notwithstanding, I’m very thankful for my friends and family and all the birthday wishes I had today. Couldn’t dream of a better quarantine birthday…

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