This morning, weather forecast was great : a beautiful yellow sun☀️and a big blue sky. Temperature was down actually, but it didn’t stop me to grab my tennis racket and balls, wear my gym clothes and run down on our courtyard to play🤸🏼‍♂️

For more than one hour, I played by myself (against this beautiful drystone wall) and really enjoyed it. Since I’m used to play tennis for the past 20 years now, I really missed it. It was fun but hard actually… I can’t wait to play with my friends when containment time will be finally over.

After lunch, I worked all the afternoon on the sofa, enjoying the sun and the flowers🌷I bought at the farmers market last Thursday. We had a coffee break with Alix late in the afternoon, we listened to Reggaeton music and even dance in the living room. We needed it I guess🕺🏻After diner, we started a Netflix TV series called” Kalifat” and watched 5 episodes in a row. We went to sleep at 3am since it was captivating and we couldn’t stop watching it !

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