I woke up early to go to work and deliver the gifts for our friend who has coronavirus. I was of course alone and been stopped by the police twice. Luckily, my boss registered me and sent all the papers needed so I didn’t have any trouble. However, I don’t feel safe being outside even though I talk to no one, wear gloves and my chirurgical mask. I said to my boss I don’t want to drive to work anymore, so it was the last time.

I drove by Place Vendôme since I work just next to it. Sky was blue and it was warm. I wanted to stop along and sit for 5 minutes there, but I refused it to myself and drove straight to work☀️I did everything I need very quickly and then drove to our friend’s house.

I arrived and left everything at her door step. We wrote some kind words on both boxes and even left a rolled toilet paper she can bring along, at home, everywhere with her (wink wink!!). I then run out the building and drove back straight home for lunch time.

We actually did a online Yoga session and had lunch afterwards. I decided to rest for 2 hours watching Netflix and then drunk my coffee on my courtyard😴Two of my best-friends Facetimed me and we talked for more than an hour. It was the golden hour and sunlight was pretty. Until our stretching class at 7pm, I stayed outside, on the courtyard having sun even though I got cold very quickly.

After our stretching class, we had diner and watched 2 episodes of “Le bureau des légendes” that we enjoy watching for the last 3 days ! Also, French government stated tonight that our containment period will last until early May, which means 5 more weeks.

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