This morning, we woke up pretty late, had breakfast and did a body balance class (the same way we did yesterday, through a live video on Facebook).🤸🏼‍♀️I used to do body balance at “Les Mills” when I lived in Wellington, New Zealand three years ago AND, fun fact, Alix and I also had a class of body balance every Saturdays 2 years back, so we were really pleased to be back on track again… Anywho.

After that successful workout we did, I decided to go and buy a roasted chicken🐔Since it’s Sunday, it’s usual in France to eat roasted chicken for lunch (usually a family moment).

I decided to have a walk outside, go and visit my friend who works at a hotel nearby (my friend who came few days ago with her dog at home). I went for tea time. I had to walk no longer than 5 minutes. She is alone all day and week long so I felt sad for her… Even though we have to stay safe at home, I still wanted to come and say hi for an hour or two, just for her to feel less lonely.

I had a cup of tea☕️ at the bar of her hotel and also, we sat down outside on the terrace and had a long talk. She was so happy I was there with her that I felt happy too. I am lucky enough to have Alix at home with me that I can’t imagine being alone for 5 weeks and not at home btw.

She gave me food leftovers she had at the hotel. She won’t use them since there is no client staying there… I came back home with 30 eggs and 1kg of Brie cheese ! Sunset was incredibly stunning : sky was clear and blue, sun was orange. There was a small breath of wind and it was a little bit chilly too. The weather I like the most…

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