This morning, I woke up at 10am and wanted to draw. I therefore sat down on my sofa, took my notebook and pens and did the following drawing (Tintin and Captain Haddock, the first episode, when they met the first time on the boat).It reminds me of my grand-parents because they used to read us Hergé books⭐️

Then, I waited for my friend Alix to woke up for brunch. She went to the bakery : she bought pastries, a beautiful burrata, tomatoes and fresh fruits🍓We sat down around the table and enjoyed that precious sunny saturday morning. We opened all the houses’s windows : it’s finally the first day of spring… And also, today, we celebrate Clémence’s day 🙂

Indeed, for today’s brunch we went for strawberries and gooseberries, raisins bread, brioche, croissants, and a creamy burrata with cherry tomatoes. And of course, cups of coffee☕️It was all fresh and delicious.

It’s not usual to have brunch during containment. But we decided it could be our little saturday routine for the next 5 weeks. We have the best bakery of our district and are lucky enough to have lots of amazing greengrocers. Actually, we love buying organic fruits and vegetables : it’s healthier, better for the environment and sometimes, cheaper. My breakfast favorite : toasted brioche with salted butter and honey (right picture down below)💙

In the afternoon, we went to the grocery shop. Alix wanted to make us a banana bread🍌for tomorrow’s breakfast so it was a perfect opportunity to go out and buy the needed ingredients. We had to queue in front of the shop because only few people were allowed to be shop at the same time.

Back home, we played some music on : Alix was baking while I hung on the wall some cute paintings we bought during the last 2 years (and also pictures we took with our friends)🌷

Some are pictures we bought at museums (Yves Saint Laurent in particular); others are polaroid pictures taken during my 23rd birthday last year. At 6pm, we had a “body pump” live class (on Facebook organized by CMG sports club). It was so cool and fun ! We did it together with Alix in the leaving room.

To end our 6th day of containment, we cooked an eggplant in the oven, filled with bulgur, tomatoes and zucchini. We watched a TV series and try not to watch television news anymore. We read newspapers instead🤗

For desert we had…

Alix’s yummy banana bread✨

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