Day 5 of containment. Actually, it is not that hard. I guess for us, youngsters, the hardest is not to be able to see friends and get along together, go out, have drinks… We are used to live day by day (the most spontaneous way we can) and not care about anything. When our daily life is biased, we are reacting in a weird way. We get to do things, activities that we would have never thought about before and care more about little things.

Today, one of my best friend who work nearby went to walk her dog in my neighborhood. She therefore passed by my house and we sat down together in my courtyard for around 10 minutes🐶We felt guilty to see each other since it is prohibited. Even though we are not, in France, in total containment, it is safer not to be with anyone else outside.

However, I still enjoyed being with a doggy for that moment, we could play and run around a bit. It’s only day 5 of containment, we have to get used to it and we sincerely think of a total containment at the end of march (and we hope so! for people’s good health)😊

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