Today, nothing excited really. I went to work for 2 hours. I drove along the Seine, and as you can see on the first picture down below : NO CARS. I was alone for almost 4 kilometers. I started alongside “Quai de la Seine” from the 12th district to the 8th. I passed by Châtelet, Rivoli, Tuileries Garden, Place Vendôme, Madeleine and arrived at Opera Garnier nearby my workplace🛵And to be fair, I have never seen Paris that empty in my entire life.

I worked for only two hours (I had to bring back documents at home). I talked to no one, wore gloves and made everything very quick since I couldn’t stay any longer. Policemen arrested me 4 times from the moment I left home and arrived at work, and therefore asked for my free pass (also asked me questions regarding my drive). We have a curfew at 6pm so I had to drive back at 5pm to be sure I can go home without any trouble.

I passed by Montmartre, Sacré Coeur, to go to Rue des Martyres and do grocery shopping since it closes very early in my neighborhood. I bought cookies in one of my favorite bakery and then went straight home. There was a beautiful sunset over the Seine, so I stopped by Pont Marie to take pictures. I was afraid of being arrested again but hopefully nobody saw me (I probably stopped 1 minute though)😁

I was tired and went to sleep at 10pm. It is only the fourth day of containment and it’s hard so far. Can’t find sleep but I’m tired early, that’s so weird🤪

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