This morning, I went out to buy the daily news and go to the bakery. Streets were deserted hopefully, people try not to go out and stay home, safe. Policemen are committed to enforce the law. No cars, or almost🤗

To treat ourselves, I decided to go and buy Pasteis de Nata at the bakery and also went to the press to buy the Daily News (Le Monde). It is still pleasant to go out even 10 minutes, walk and see people, sometimes with dogs, kids or alone.

In the afternoon, I went out to repair my scooter just down my street: garage was still open but electric door half up. I guess they only work for emergencies. Still, I need to go to work once a week. I really needed to go and repair it since I’m not likely to take the subway. It’s way to dangerous for others and myself. I’m going to work tomorrow.

At the end of the day, we chilled out on our outer courtyard🌱We are very lucky to be safe in Paris and have a “outside” place to go, walk and rest. Nobody else live nearby us. I guess I will play tennis by the end of the containment.

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