Today was the first day we had to stay at home and had to keep our free pass with us while going out to the groceries. Mesures have been settled : only few shops must stay open, such as food shops, drugstores and tobacconists. Otherwise, every shop is closed. There are barriers and lines drawn on the floor while we wait at the checkout… they have put every effort to keep distance between each other and avoid the virus to spread. That’s a relief.

I went to the groceries 5 minutes away from home and it was almost empty. People have started to store food and supplies even though French government stated that there will be no shortage. Therefore, there is no need to buy food in bulk… but people seem to be scared to run out of food.

I had with me my free pass that stated that we must only go out for grocery shopping. Police starts to inspect us.

I enjoyed being outside for less than ten minutes to walk and stop along to take pictures. Actually, weather is chilly, sun is out, flowers start to bloom. It’s a pity that we can’t go to the park to rest but we have to do the best we can to prevent contamination, by staying safe at home.

Our routine is different so far, and I guess for the following month. We wake up a little bit later and go to bed earlier. Since we stay at home all day, we definitely need to accommodate our days. I still work. Tonight, we had diner watching the news. Before going to bed we laid down on the sofa to watch “Parasite”, a wonderful Korean movie 🙂

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