♡ Today, we invited 2 friends for tea time and diner at home. We played cards and ate Korean food ♡

Morning : staying at home, go to the groceries, buy a raspberries pie and champagne. Last day to invite friends at home to play board games, cards and have a great diner all together. So we tried to enjoy every precious moment we could with them😍

4pm : friends have arrived, we had tea time (actually champagne and that delicious raspberry pie)🥂listening to rap music and play “Who’s who?”. Had laugh, talk and quality time all together.

8 pm : Korean diner is ready🍚I cooked Tteokbokki with spicy sauce, tofu with clams, edamame, lotus flowers and bought iced mochis for desert. We opened a nice bottle of red wine and watched our president speech about French containment rules.

We can not leave our home anymore, and for the next 2 weeks (at least), we must stay safe and take care of each others. Hopefully I live with a friend, time will get brighter and life a little bit easier🤗

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