This post will mainly deals with the good time I had with my two best friends when we went to Deauville (Normandy) to celebrate birthday. There’s nothing better than going to the sea for 2 days, eat seafood and drink cider, blow candles at the Casino and spend quality and memorable time with your best peers… happy birthday my love🐙

2-hour drive from Paris

We left Paris at 9am on Saturday morning and arrived 2 hours later. That probably is the first reason why we decided to go to Deauville. It’s so easy and quick to drive from the city to the seaside. The best way to enjoy 2 days and do multiple things is to leave early in the morning and have breakfast or early lunch while getting there. This is what we did. We arrived at 11am, had a walk at the beach and then went to have lunch.

Trouville beach and restaurants

We decided to go to the beach, have a walk and then go to “Les Vapeurs” restaurant (very famous in Trouville for the seafood, good service and decor inside).

Les Vapeurs, best restaurant in Trouville

Ten minutes far from the beach, we went there (this is where I always love to go while coming to Trouville). Cuisine, service, people, decor, menu… everything is simply good and unpretentious. I went for the onion soup and whelks, my friends chose their famous mussels. We celebrated the birthday with french fries, put candles and blow them away !🎂

Afternoon in Honfleur : museum and crêpes

After lunch, we drove to Honfleur (25 minutes ride), an old port characterized by its houses painted many times by artists. It is a cute small town known for the Eugène Boudin Museum and the restaurants facing the port. We bought tickets for the museum and spend an hour there (we liked it even though we are not huge fan of impressionism art). We then decided to eat crêpes in a cute coffee and blow candles (again!).

Casino and party in Deauville

After leaving Honfleur, we went straight to our hotel, left luggages and got ready for a night out in Deauville. Deauville is the city located just next to Trouville, very famous for its race course, harbour, film festival, marinas, Grand Casino and sumptuous hotels. Also worldwide known for its promenade “Les Planches” alongside the beach, we walked by the closets dedicated to famous actors and moviemakers that have come to Deauville.

We went to a restaurant called “La Cantine de Deauville” -delicious- and cheered up (again) for my friend’s birthday. Menu was exquisite, prices not really high for the quality and most of all, located only 10 minutes walked away from the Casino.

After diner, we went to the Casino Barrière, drunk cocktails and watched people gamble. It was crowded, as a usual Saturday night, a man was singing and playing guitar, the interior was amazingly stunning. People were gambling, coins were dropping and lights were blinking. While we got tired enough, we went back to our hotel and had a good night sleep.

‘Les Planches de Deauville’ and city center

Early in the morning we went back to “Les Planches” to walk alongside the beach and do some shopping in town. There is not much things to do in Deauville except walking and shopping, eating, resting and gambling. NB : the names of the greatest actors and directors who have participated at the Deauville festival are painted on the “lices” of the 450 bathing cabins, which line the boardwalk, in the presence of the award-winning American stars.

Also, in the city center, beautiful and typical Normandy houses serve as luxury brands stores. It is something really unusual and worth seeing. We went to a restaurant to have lunch (Le Vieux Normand) and ate delicious buckwheat crêpes.

It was such a nice birthday week end. We had the best time, driving from a town to another, eating comfort food, doing cultural visits and walking through the beach👩🏽👩🏼👩🏻

Cheerz, keopibong.

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