Collaboration between different universes

I have always really enjoyed reading stories based on two collaborated brands. Collaborations are usually limited editions made for special occasions. Today, why not talk about the friendship collaboration between two French labels : Le Chocolat des Français and Regards Coupables. And that’s nothing to do with Valentine’s day, surely.

The Hot collab’

First of all, let’s talk about what they like to call “the Hot collab‘”. First, they met. Second, they decided to collaborate for a world famous date : Valentine’s day. Their two universes have nothing to do with one another, except art. Art is what obviously makes that collaboration interesting and appealing. And if I may, I would define their two universes by two key words : minimalist and attractive. Here are the reasons why.

Two minimalist and attractive worlds

What Valentine’s day is usually about are : romance, quality food and time (and sex!). Indeed, those pristine beauty designs are about those four words. Regards Coupables’ work is based on series featuring encouragement to love as intensely as you can (but yourself first!) and most all, a dedication to what makes us humans. His art is contemporary and has always been about invite us to love deeply and not being afraid of it.

That hot box is made of delicious chocolate bars packaged by erotic-romantic draws squares. There are 16 mini chocolates wrapped in 2 organic recipes: milk chocolatecaramel chips and intense dark chocolateCamargue salt.

Regards Coupables

Regards Coupables is a 28 year-old artist living in Paris (but we don’t know his name yet). He is an art director/graphic designer who works mainly for agencies, but also a musician and producer. He started the “Regards Coupables” project in March 2015 by drawing tattoos and posting them on Instagram. What made the tattoos special, at that time, were the minimalist attractive visuals : classical but innovative and old school. Following that success, he decided to go further and draw erotic, sensual and feminine schemes. As you can tell on his draws, he likes thine and black lines. But not only.

Conception of women

He likes women. He conceives women as a strong sex, which needs no one and can exist by itself. He stated that women are the opposite of “object women” and decided to make a tribute of it. For the past five years of nude drawings, he has been attracted to curves and male silhouettes (with faces). More often, he likes to highlight relationships between what he likes to call “femmes fatales” and sexy men. However, this collaboration is based on draws of couple hugging each other but you still can tell his forever inspiration for sexual attraction. Basically, his art is displayed on Instagram : “art that you don’t look at for more than a second“. He likes to post at least one draw a day and usually gets inspiration from everywhere (mainly pictures and girls he loves looking at in Parisian streets).

This collaboration is the perfect creation made of two distinct worlds of passionate artists. Chocolate, alongside with sensual and erotic draws makes the products even more attractive. If it would not be for a commercial mean, I would even buy that Hot Box. But of course I am not objective at all. I like minimalism, thin and black lines. And chocolate. What a beautiful combo then.

Cheerz, keopibong.

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