I miss Seoul everyday. So, I decided to go left bank with my best friend Camille, on a rainy Saturday, and try that new Korean coffee I heard about : Plus82. We have spent three hours, sitting and talking, but it actually seemed to be 15-minutes long. We ate “Bingsu” alongside with that very sweet Korean coffee drink that I used to take every mornings before going to uni 3 years ago. Plus82 brought back all my souvenirs and I felt emotional all of a sudden. Enjoy★彡

Come and eat Bingsu

Bingsu. What a weird word to pronounce. But it actually means everything in Korean : bing 빙 for ice and su 수 for water. Yes, Bingsu is a dessert only made with ice and water but you can add all the toppings you want to it. I decided to go for the coffee flavor, presented with speculoos biscuits, red bean paste and vanilla ice cream on the top. Camille tried the mango flavored one that she really liked as well.

Plus82 – wide enough – menu

Here is the menu. It is not very wide, but you actually do not need more since everyone grabs the same thing (meaning Bingsu). You like Matcha or red bean? There you go, you will be thrilled. I surely have hesitated while ordering, but I guess I was more into my coffee mood that day, and I do not regret it at all. I will try them all anyway.

The making process : easy and homemade

On the left : the ice machine that makes up ice water into shaved ice (base of the dessert, the part you don’t see on the pictures since it is hidden by the toppings). Then, it is very simple : you add the yummy toppings you want and you can eat it ! -with a wooden spoon of course.

Minimalist and thoughtful concept

Nothing posh at all : only Korean vibes. Tables are wooden made, floor is covered with marble panels, colors are pastel. It is not loud at all and you can quietly ear that Korean singer on the background. Owners speak Korean, they laugh and smile, bow down to welcome you and show where to sit. Cactus are all over the corners and pictures are hanging on the walls. It smells coffee and it is warm enough to feel like home.

When seoul meets paris

I lived in Seoul for 6 months in 2017 as an International Business’ student. Therefore, don’t get me wrong, I won’t be very objective regarding living in Korea for a long time. But one thing is clear : Korea is about drinking coffee (and soju, but that’s another story). Living in Seoul for that period of time learnt me to how to drink coffee and how to appreciate it. Without mentioning that you cannot drink coffee without a straw. Since then, I cannot live without coffee and furthermore, I like them sweet and milky. You got it. The coffee drink you see on the picture over here is called on their menu “Café Séoul” : it is basically grounded coffee, cow milk, a dip of coffee sirup and a tea spoon of condensed milk. It is sweet but not sickening. I chose the iced option (because again, this is how Koreans drink it most of the time) ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Indeed, try coffee the Korean way.

Plus82 : why you must try

Yes, that’s all, and that’s how I will leave you from now on. Even though you don’t know anything about Korea, if you want to come and have lovely quality time with your friends, Plus82 is your place. If you are not really into iced or sweet desserts either, you can try their cookies made with chocolate chips and green tea powder or even their famous pancakes filed with red bean paste (for the side note, they are fish shaped and called Bungeoppang). Also, why not try their homemade hot teas (thumbs up for the green plum one that we also tried).

고맙습니다 ♡

Gomabseubnida. Here are the only info you need : 11bis Rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris.

Cheerz, keopibong.

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